Monday, January 19, 2009

Charles Dickens' guide to naming your dog

Dicken's stories are chalk full of wonderful dog names. I've made an easy to use guide should you wish to bestow your new friend with a charming, creative moniker.

Rouncewell - A dog who jump/runs in a poetic way, but also still kind of like a sprightly fat man.

Pipchin - A jaunty dog that is a canine representation of a 1930's newspaper boy. Most likely owned by a gay man. Or two.

Sowerberry - A dog with a depressing demeanor and no will to live because of it's unfortunate body proportions.

Perch - A dog so convinced he/she is human sits upright in chairs and eats at the dinner table. These dogs also speak English.

Tozer - The king douchebag of dogs. If you have this dog, you should know it only rides in Porches and won't lick his own ass.

Nipper - This dog fucking loves gags. She/He will pee on your things for laughs, tear things up for laughs, vomit on things for laughs. A Nipper is basically a member of the dog ETA.
(also looks like Bruce Vilanch)
From Gibblertron Blog Photos

Skettles - A snobby dog with an empty soul.

Snawley - A dog whose existence puts into question everything you thought you knew about this world. This dog also sheds assloads of hair which only sticks to eveningwear.

Snagsby - Is my favorite Dicken's dog name. You can't take it or I will reverse find you from the analytics on this site and steal your dog. If the dog does not look like a Snagsby, you'd better run from me. Fast too. I take spin class and my cardio vascular capacity is super human.

In case you're wondering, this is an example of the perfect Snagsby. Snagsby's must have three characteristics to be a Snagsby:


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