Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Why showering is overrated

How come when someone busts me on wearing the same outfit two days in a row or not showering I feel like I've done something horrible, when in fact, I have not. Not showering is ok. Actually, it's not really great for you to wash your body everyday. Your skin, like, hates it. So let's all make a pact that it's ok to not shower everyday (unless your job involves sweating all day). Whose in?


  1. Yeah, it is over rated. Wastes a lot of water too. As long as one doesn't go around stinking the place up at least. But generally speaking, that's usually armpit generated and can be taken care of with a wash cloth and through application of some manner of nostink product. Though I went to school with some guy who smelled of a toilet that hasn't been flushed for a week, so that might not apply to everyone.

  2. Sure, it's all good. I skip a day here and there, and a wash cloth does the pits just fine. But... It's nicest when showered much more regularly and if I'm gonna be licking someone or someone is gonna be licking me in places where sweat festers (what do you mean you've never licked someone's armpit? Gotta get out more there) then being nice and clean and fresh as a daisy (er, okay, maybe not a daisy in a field where animals roam, but you get the idea) is yummier, for me at least. So count me in, sometimes. Actually, you could count me out'n'in, I guess.