Sunday, February 1, 2009

Scary Kid Bit

Today Chad and I were sitting on my front porch. The kid who lives in the back house came up and started playing swords by himself. He saw us on the porch then ran back to his house in the back of the property. He finally got up enough nerve to just walk up to where we were and stare at Chad. Chad said "Hello", the kid said "Hello", then ran away. Then Chad and I came up with a scary thing to do to him (hypothetically).

Whenever the kid (whose name I am not mentioning in case he knows how to google) comes up to the front yard, Chad will say hello to him. Then the kid will say hello back. Then I will ask the kid who he is talking to. And the kid will say "that man in the chair". Then I'll say "What man in the chair?". Then the kid will run away. If he was a strange neighborhood kid you bet I would have done it. But there are repercussions when you mess with kids who live in the same space as you. Like their mothers coming to yell at you.

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