Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Good Housekeeping Models

Good Housekeeping, in an attempt to validate itself as a ladies magazine, does seasonal fashion spreads. But here's the thing, you'd think their models would look like your average military husband's wife or like a math teacher or a local TV anchor in a small city, but they're actually really good looking. Which makes me feel bad for them cause you have to assume that other models don't approve. If there were such a thing as a model convention, and the Good Housekeeping model was saying to a Vogue model "Yeah I just did a spread in the November 07 Good Housekeeping for JC Penny's women's business separates" you know that the Vogue model would just start laughing. Then she'd text her Vogue model friends "OMG this model works for GH" (cause models talk in text shorthand) and then all the Vogue models would be laughing and pointing at the Good Housekeeping model and she'd wonder where all her Good Housekeeping friends were, not realizing they all had the good sense to stay home for this very reason.

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